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111 Shops in Milan That You Must Not Miss

111 Shops in Milan That You Must Not Miss
Description: Milan is one of the fastest moving and fashion forward cities in the world. Here, trend is everything and only the present and future seem to count. What''s hip in Milan influences boardrooms, runways, and commerce all over the world. But you needn''t shop like a Hilton girl to find extraordinary and unexpected treasures in this urban hive of high style. Secreted away are many special, intriguing, and ultra-cool shops that even most Milan hipsters have never heard of. This guide will lead you right to their doorsteps, and remind you what makes this ancient city so thrillingly modern. Far from the mainstream Via Montenapoleone, discover the historical neighbourhood of Isola, brimming with contemporary designers, artists, and artisans. Or visit the traditional farmer''s markets near Porta Garibaldi, purchase a newly crafted harpsichord that''s an exact replica of a 1600s original, and shop for botanicals in an urban Garden of Eden. Experience the true spirit of Milan, a city of Expo 2015.
Author: Aylie Lonmon
Publisher: Emons Verlag
ISBN: 9783954516377
Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm
Language: UK
Type: Softcover
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Updated 22. Maj 2019