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Delivery terms

Delivery terms

Delivery- and sales conditions for DACbookshop.dk

Shipping Rates

Free delivery in Denmark by purchase above 599 DKK.
Delivery in Denmark by purchase under 599 DKK, 30 DKK per book.
European Union
170 DKK in start-up fee, 40 DKK per book.
190 DKK in start-up fee, 80 DKK per book.

Delivery charges will appear on the shopping order, and the final amount will be shown before confirmation of the purchase.


DAC bookshop handles orders as they come in, and delivers your order in 3-4 work days to any destination in Denmark.

Books to abroad are shipped out of Denmark within 1-2 work days, and will arrive depending on delivery times and custom duties of each country.

Books from smaller publishers may have a longer delivery time. During holidays a delay may also occur.

In case the ordered book is sold out or delayed, the bookshop will inform the costumer through email. Books that have been on sale cannot be re-ordered.

DAC bookshop is only commited to deliver books, which are in stock. If it is not possible to deliver the order within 2 months, the costumer can cancel the order. To do this, please contact bookshop@dac.dk and inform us of the order number.



Payment to DAC bookshop is a safe connection. The typed information will be encrypted, and this means that the costumer is the only one, who can read the information. DAC will not, at any time, have access to the customer´s card information.

Payment with credit card

Payment by card will not be completed until the order is shipped. It is possible to pay with Visa, Euro and Master Card.

Return policy

The customer has a right of cancellation within 14 days after the order is received. To do this, the order needs to be returned to the address mentioned below, or by contacting DAC Bookshop, or by not picking up the order at the post office.
In case of return, the invoice number or order number is attached. The returned order needs to be in the same condition as when it was bought. The customer will pay the delivery charges.
In the case of payment in advance the customer will receive the return payment without the delivery charges, as soon as possible and not later than 30 days after return.

Sign in

To order online, the customer needs to sign in with name, address and email. DAC will keep all the information in 5 years. As a customer you have a right to protest according to the Danish personal data protection act.


DAC responsibility

DAC will not accept further responsibility than what DAC is obliged to according to the Danish law.


In case the received order is damaged, the customer needs to complain as soon as possible and not later than 30 days. DAC will pay the delivery charges. In case of a complaint, the costumer also needs to inform the invoice or order number.

For refund or exchange, please contact:
Danish Architecture Center
Strandgade 27 B
DK-1401 Copenhagen K
CVR NO: 78 80 52 18
Tel: +45 32 64 54 68

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Updated 22. Maj 2019